Acousto-optic Q-switch Driver
Acousto-optic Q-switch Driver

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Acousto-optic Q-switch Driver 

Acousto-optical Q-switch often used in the laser marking, laser cutting, mutual interaction between an ultrasonic wave and a light beam. The laser beam that enters in a direction, forming a Bragg angle to the wave surface of the acoustic wave in the scattering medium. It is diffracted in accordance with periodic changes in the diffraction rate produced by the acoustic wave.

Driver Source Description:
Power switch: controls power on and off
Modulation Switch: control
Light switch: selects the active level of light, the light that is low or high light
Pulse width modulation: pulse width control
Frequency adjustment: control pulse frequency
Frequency: Displays pulse frequency in Hz
The first pulse modulator: control first pulse suppression time
Operating instructions: show whether the external modulation signal
Power Protection: Power overheating protection
Power socket: Input AC220V power supply, built-in 2A fuse
Power Output: output RF signal
External control input: Input external modulation signal,   

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