Acousto-optic Q-switch Conduction-cooled
Acousto-optic Q-switch Conduction-cooled

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Conduction-cooled Acousto-optic Q-switch is designed for the 10~20W DPL laser. It is widely used in various s of laser equipments: laser distance measuring equipment, laser radar,laser marking machine and fine processing machine.Small size, high switch-off power, quick modulation rate, convenient use, stable and reliable, the first pulse suppression function and Automatic protection function of overheating.It is provided with the auxiliary driver as the following.

Interaction Material: Quartz crystal
Wavelength: 1.064μm
Frequency: 40.68MHz
Loss Modulation: 80% @10W
RF Power Rating: <12W
Active Aperture: 1.5mm
Input impedance: 50Ω
VSWR: 1.2

RF driver for the conduction-cooled acousto-optic Q-switch. It adopts the DC input mode, so as to conveniently realize the modulation of radio frequency signal by inputting the control signal.

Working frequency: 40.68MHz+0.1MHz
Output power: 12W
Modulation repetition rate: 1kHz 300kHz (adjustable)
Output impedance: 50Ω
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio: <1.2(connected to 50Ω load)
Power supply: (DC)24 (1+5%)V/DC
Modulation Control Inputs: Digital  TTL
Effective level of laser output: High/low

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