Acousto-optic Modulator with RF Driver
Acousto-optic Modulator with RF Driver

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Quick modulation rate, small volume, high efficiency, high extinction ratio, easy coding and convenient use. It is the high-speed acousto-optic pulse modulator. Intensity modulation over the laser according to the inputted pulse signal,gets correspond-ing digitally coded optical signal by inputting the digital signal of different codes and frequencies (TTL level) into the driving power supply of modulator. It is mainly used in laser text-image processing and laser digital communication.It is provided with the auxiliary driver, and can be customized according to user requirements.

Interaction Material: Lead molybdate or tellurium oxide
Wavelength: 633nm 450~850nm
Transmission (single pass): 93%
Frequency: 100MHz 60~150MHz
Diffraction efficiency: 75%
Active Aperture: 1.2mm,0.9mm  
Extinction ratio: 1000:1
Pulse repetition frequency:1MHz,4MHz
RF Power Rating: 1.5W
Input impedance: 50 Ω 

532nm fiber coupled AOM is customized its wavelength,fiber type and driver.The frequency is also customized, but the typical is AOM 100mhz,high frequency pigtailed AOM will be 150MHz. The AOM is working with fiber, and it's called fiber pigtailed AOM. 

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