Acousto-optic Deflector AOD 633nm
Acousto-optic Deflector AOD 633nm

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Acousto-optic Deflector AOD in 633nm visible laser range. Acousto optic deflector scans an optical beam over a range of angles, or accurately control the output angle of the beam. By altering the RF drive frequency to the deflector, the deflection angle can be varied. 

Acousto-optic deflector with RF driver, big bandwidth,high efficiency, small volume and convenient use. Acousto-optic deflector use the small-size tellurium dioxide single crystal as acousto-optic medium. It can be applied in laser demonstration,laser recording, acousto-optic frequency spectrum analyzer, high-speed laser recorder, acousto-optic correlator, and high density information memory. It is provided with the auxiliary driver. It can be customized according to your requirements.

Interaction Material: Tellurium oxide(TeO2)
Connector: SMA
Center Wavelength:632.8nm-633nm visible light
Diffraction efficiency:45%
Central frequency:80
Light aperture:2mm
3DB Bandwidth:20MHZ
RF Power:0.8W
Voltage Standing wave ratio:<1.2:1
Input impedance:50Ω
Extinction ratio:1000:1
Device interface:BNC
Storage temperature:-30~+75℃

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