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Acousto-optic Devices World Sellers - Gooch Housego PLC, BeamQ Inc, AMS Technologies AG, Panasonic, Isomet Corporation, Brimrose Corporation of America 

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Gooch Housego PLC
AMS Technologies AG
Isomet Corporation
Brimrose Corporation of America
AA Opto Electronic
Brimrose Corporation of America
Harris Corporation
A.P.E Angewandte Physik
IntraAction Electronics


These products are mainly divided into:

Tunable Filters
Frequency Shifters

By end users / application, they are:

Material Processing
Laser Processing
Micro Processing

More Applications and related :

The Acousto -Optic Modulator is based on the elasto -optic effect, in which a material strain causes a change in the refraction index of the material. When the strain is generated by an acoustic compression or rarefaction, an AOM is formed.


Acousto Optic Modulator Theory 

An acousto-optic modulator  AOM uses the acousto-optic effect to diffract and shift the frequency of light using sound waves. They are used in lasers for Q-switching, telecommunications for signal modulation, and in spectroscopy for frequency control. A piezoelectric transducer is attached to a material such as glass. An oscillating electric signal drives the transducer to vibrate, which creates sound waves in the material. These can be thought of as moving periodic planes of expansion and compression that change the index of refraction. Incoming light scatters off the resulting periodic index modulation and interference occurs similar to Bragg diffraction. The interaction can be thought of as a three-wave mixing process resulting in Sum-frequency generation or Difference-frequency generation between phonons and photons.

Acousto Optic Modulator Companies & Sellers:

Thorlabs :  Thorlabs also has kinds of Free-Space Electro-Optic Modulators

The Brimrose free space Acousto-Optic Modulator (AOM) is used to control laser beam intensity, frequency modulation, frequency  shifting, control pulses, switching time, and more. The AOMs are offered with conduction and water cooled enclosures. TE cooled enclosures are available upon request.  

Brimrose offers AOMs in the wavelength range from the ultraviolet to LWIR regions for low and high optical power applications. Brimrose AOMs cover the frequency ranges from just a few MHz up to 3.5 GHz.

A large variety of supporting RF electronics in lab enclosures or OEM versions are offered by Brimrose. These include fixed or variable frequency RF Drivers as well as PC-controlled high performance RF Frequency Synthesizers. The RF Drivers are provided with either analog amplitude modulation, TTL, or a combination of both, depending upon application requirements.


Gooch & Housego

Gooch & Housego Acousto-optic modulators (AOM) allow the intensity of light to be controlled and modulated at rates that far exceed mechanical shutters, even up to 70 MHz. Our modulators are optimized for low scatter and high laser damage threshold. Rise time, modulation rate, beam diameter, and power handling needs of the application need to be understood in order to identify the best acousto-optic modulator and RF driver solution.