Acoustic Optic Modulator at 1550 nm
Acoustic Optic Modulator at 1550 nm

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Details: Acoustic Optic Modulator at 1550 nm , the AOM driver is not included in this product.

Interaction material- Tellurium dioxide
Wavelength-1530-1565 nm 
Average optical power handling-5 W 
Peak (pulse) optical power handing-30 kW 
Insertion loss-2-3 dB 
Polarization extinction ratio-18-20 dB 
Extinction ratio (1st order on / off)- 50 dB 
Return loss (RF ON / RF OFF) -40 dB  
Rise-time / Fall-time (10% - 90%)-50 ns 
Frequency-100 MHz 
Input impedance-50 Ohms 
RF power-3.0 W 
Frequency shift-80 MHz (upshift) 
Fiber dimensions- Polarization maintaining - 10 micron core diameter - 125 micron cladding diameter 
Fiber type- Fujikura PM 1550 nm (SM15-PS-U25A) 
Fiber length-1.5 m with 900 micron PVDF sleeving 
Fiber termination- Bare fiber

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