915nm Multi-mode Semiconductor Laser with Anti-reflection
915nm Multi-mode Semiconductor Laser with Anti-reflection

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High quality high stability 915nm 20W-200W Multi-mode Semiconductor Laser with Anti-reflection, without Cooling system.The prices are different for different output power. Please contact us if you need place an order.

Key features:

Fiber output power: 150W
Wavelength: 915nm
Fiber core diameter: 105 μ m
Fibre numerical aperture: 0.2 N.A
103-120nm anti-reflection feature


Fiber Laser pump sources
material handling

Output power Po 200W
Centeral wavelength 915nm
wavelength range 10nm
Spectral width (FWHM): nm <5
Wavelength temperature coefficient-nm/ c ~0.3
Spot ratio (NA0.15/0.2)-% 95
Fiber parameters (2)
Optical fiber core/cladding diameter diameter one hundred and five-one hundred and twenty fifths- m
Na N.A-0.2
Fiber length-m 1.0 1.
Fiber protection sleeve outside diameter- m 90
Fiber protection sleeve length-m 0.8 0.1
Minimum bending radius static-m 40
Smallest dynamic bevelling radius-m 50

Working current a-10
Threshold current Ith a 0.8
Electro-optical conversion efficiency η% 50
Differential efficiency η d W/A 16
Operating voltage Vop v 32
Back-pressure-resistant Vre v 45

Working temperature (temperature of the shell-and-tube) Top c 20-40
Storage temperature range (non-working) Tst -20~+70
Overall dimensions
(Do not contain fibre and connector)
- m 12.0 x 5.0 x 18.0
Welding temperature 260 Tis ℃ (10 sec.)
Wavelength range 1030-1200
Isolation-dB >30

Please refer to the specifications for the 915nm 110W laser as following. The difference output powers have different specification.

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