915nm 940nm 980nm Fiber Coupled Laser Diode

   Laser medical, material processing, laser light source, research experiments and so on.

Main features
Compact structure
Good spot uniformity
Static, over-current, over-temperature protection, protection laser life
Good analog linear
High stability
Different environments in the world to fully test, the service life of 10,000 hours

Product Model (units): LWIR915/940/980nm ≤ 20W
Center wavelength (nm): 915/940/980
Center wavelength deviations (nm): ± 3 ± 10
Output power (mW): 1W, 2W, 3W ..... 20W.
Output power adjustment (mW) :0-MAX
Spectral width (FWHM: nm): <2
Spectral width (nm): <5
Wavelength temperature coefficient (nm / ℃): ~ 0.3
Power stability (over 4 hours: rms) Typical, 3%; Max, 5%

Electrical parameters
Operating Current (A): <11.5
Threshold current (A): <0.8
Slope efficiency (W / A):> 0.95
Electro-optical conversion efficiency (%): 40
Ways of working: CW, TTL, Analog
Power supply voltage (AC, V): 85 ~ 265
The refrigeration the way: TEC & FANS
TTL / AS modulation frequency (KHZ): 30
LED display: output current value
The adaptive load voltage (V): <2.2
Fiber core diameter (μm): 105
Numerical aperture (NA): 0.22
Connectors: SMA-905

Thermal parameters
Operating Temperature (℃): 10-35
Storage Temperature (℃): -100
Cooling capacity (W): 15


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