808nm 5W Laser Diode To3
808nm 5W Laser Diode To3

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Details: TO-3 TO3 Package High Power 500mW 808nm Infrared IR Laser/Lazer Diode LD W/ FAC

Wavelength: 808nm
Output: 500mw
Package: TO3
FAC: yes Laser
Shape: 8*8 Square
Spectrual Width: 3
Working Voltage: 2v
Working Current: 600mA
Package: one pc

Please carefully read this statement before buying this item. This is an industrial-use/stage lighting electronic component or replacement part for laser machine or device, like laser engraving machine,laser marker, cosmetic equipment, research or labotory apparatus etc..

Center Wavelength+/-3nm 808nm +/-10nm
Spectral Width (FWHM) : 3.0nm
Output Power: 5W
Emitter Area 200x1um
Beam Divergence (FWHM) : 36 x 10
Temperature Coefficient of Wavelength : 0.28nm /
Slope Efficiency : 1.0W/A
Threshold Current (Typ.):1.0A 1.1A
Operating Current (Typ.): 5.5A
Operating Voltage: 2.0V

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