808nm 1000mW Infrared Laser Pointer

Handheld 808nm Infrared Laser Pointer 1000mw

High Stability and Reliability
Intelligent Focusable Mechanism
One Year's Warranty!

Wavelength: 808nm (Infrared)
Output power: 1100~1300mW
Average power: 1200mW
Dimensions: 36mm x 228mm
Transverse Mode: Near TEM00
Operating Mode: CW
Beam Diameter: adjustable
Beam Divergence: adjustable
Switch Type: On/off switch
Duty Cycle: Constant on
Power Source: 1 x 18650 Lion rechargeable battery and free battery
Operating Temperature: 0℃ ~ 40℃
Expected Diode Lifetime: >8000 hours
Warranty Period: 6 months

All-in-one Kit: Portable Laser;
18650 Lithium Battery and Free Charger;
two keys for locking/unlocking;
One remote interlock key; one aluminum alloy case;

They are equipped with the the best diode, heat sink, and two combined crystals, which guaranteed the high stability power. Meanwhile, Pioneer series is more popular because it's also equipped with the intelligent focusable mechanism and it means you can pull the focus of the laser beam nearer or to the infinite, and if you seek a adjustable or flexible laser beam to burn things or make beam effects, it's a better choice.

We believe you know that ir lasers are in the group of invisible wavelengths, and 980nm and 1064nm beam would be completely invisible to the eye, while 808nm beam is a little bit visible within short distances and the beam spot is a little red, while 980nm and 1064nm laser spot are not visible at all. Therefore, you cannot see the 980nm laser beam or spot with the naked eyes but you can capture it via the camera.

Since both 1064nm and 980nm are invisible wavelengths, we need clarify their own strengths and weaknesses:

The laser spot or facula of 1064nm laser is more able to gather the peak energy or power, while the beam or spot power of 980nm is more scattered or dispersed, not concentrated enough.

The 980nm diode laser is not sensitive to the working temperature and is able to work properly in various temperature environments , while 1064nm is susceptible to the working temperature.

For example, when the temperature is too low in winter, it will be difficult for 1064nm to emit the decent beam, while in the high temperature (>30 Degree C), it's also hard for 1064nm to work well.
In order to help you see the laser spot, we can send you a free piece of IR detection Card (costs $20)which will help you detect the IR spot and the beam spot is in green when 980nm or 1064nm beam shines at it.


Quick integration into your OEM design requiring a high power battery operated laser.
Fluorescence excitation
Microwave antenna and other alignment applications over distances up to 50 miles or more.
Forensics and crime scene analysis
DNA sequencing and analysis

Some researchers expose the nanoparticles prepared by them to the 808nm lasers to know the effect of laser on the nanoparticles.

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