793nm Fiber Coupled Semiconductor Laser
793nm Fiber Coupled Semiconductor Laser

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793nm Fiber Coupled Semiconductor Laser for Lab/Research/Testing, with the output power of 4W 4000mW.

Handle this high power laser in professional way.
Lab Customized items, the shapes may be a bit different from the picture sample,but all other data are the same.
Always use CONSTANT CURRENT LAB POWE SUPPLY on the 793nm laser.

Power Output: 4W
Spectrum Width:<3
Fiber Core: SMA105
Numerical Aperture NA:0.22
Typical Operation current Iop: 2.5
Typical Operating voltage Vop: 2.1-2.3V
Photocurrent Imo: 0.2-1
Linker: FC/ST
Working Temperature Top:10-30
Typical Threshold current Ith: 0.4A
Conversion efficiency:40-50%
Size (not inludig fiber): 31mm×12.7mm×12.5mm
Expected lifetime:>5000hours

793nm fiber coupled laser module 
2-4W output power laser diode 
50 micron or 105 micron core fiber coupled 

793nm 4W fiber coupled Laser Diode Module is used in:

laser pumping
medical use
material processing

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