785nm Single Transverse Mode Laser Diode
785nm Single Transverse Mode Laser Diode

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Fiber Pigtailed 785nm single mode laser diode. 785 nm, 10 mW, A Pin Code, SM Fiber-Pigtailed Laser Diode, FC/PC

FC/PC or FC/APC Connector
Custom Pigtails Available
Internal 8°-Angle-Cleaved Fiber (See the Design Tab)
Connector: FC/PC or FC/APC (2.0 mm Narrow Key)
1 m of SM Fiber
Custom Pigtails Available Upon Request

785nm SM pigtail alignment process for laser diodes includes multiple test and inspection points that ensure that the coupling efficiency is maximized. The input end of the fiber is cleaved at an 8° angle in order to minimize back reflections that can cause the output intensity to fluctuate. Single mode pigtails provide coherent fiber-coupled output from a laser diode.

While the center wavelength is listed for each laser diode, this is only a typical number. The center wavelength of a particular unit varies from production run to production run, so the diode you receive may not operate at the typical center wavelength.

The reliability of the laser diode/pigtail rapidly declines at higher temperatures. Therefore, for stable output power and wavelength, it is highly recommended that you use a temperature controller with these products. Diodes can also be temperature tuned, which will alter the lasing wavelength.

Laser diodes are sensitive to electrostatic shock. Please take the proper precautions when handling the device, such as using an ESD wrist strap. These lasers are also sensitive to optical feedback, which can cause significant fluctuations in the output power of the laser diode depending on the application.