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780nm DPSS Infrared Diode Laser 100mW
780nm DPSS Infrared Diode Laser 100mW

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High stability, high reliability.
Good quality beam spot.
Static, over-current, over-temperature protection, protection of the life of the laser.
Fully tested different global environment, life time 10,000 hours

Wavelength (nm):780 
Output power (mW):150 
Power adjust(mW): 0-P max 
Transverse mode:TEM00 
Operating mode:CW, TTL, Analog 
Power stability (rms, over 4 hours):<3% 
M2 factor:<1.1  
Beam divergence, full angle (mrad):<1.0 
Beam waist (mm):<3.0 
Spectral line width (nm):< 2 
Point stability after warm-up(mrad):<0.05    
Operating temperature:0-40    
Warm-up time (minutes):<5 
TTL modulation TTL:30KHZ  
Analog modulation: 30KHZ(0~max output when 0-5V signal input) 
Expected life time:10000  
Warranty time:1 year  


Holography, fluorescence excitation, Raman spectroscopy, spectroscopy, communications, night inspection, laser show, laser TV, laser interferometry, laser measurement, physics experiments, laser color printing, laser detection, laser medical.

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