770nm Free Space Acousto-optic Frequency Shifter AOFS
770nm Free Space Acousto-optic Frequency Shifter AOFS

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770nm Compact AOM Free Space Frequency Shift.
Compact AOM to shift laser wavelength peridically.
Frequency shift from 10 mhz to 20 mhz, we use two devices to achieve a difference frequency of 10-20Mhz. This frequency is not adjustable. If you need adjustable frequency, we need to re-develop the drivers.

We only have free space AOM for 770nm wavelength.
The fiber coupled 770nm AOM is under development.


Locking 770 nm laser to a potassium cell.

Low insertion loss
Stable performance
Custom Configuration

General performance Parameters:
Most of them can be customized according to your requirements.

Material: TeO2
Wavelength: 770 NM
Average optical power: 1W
Peak (pulse) optical power: 1kW
Ultrasonic speed of Sound: 4200m/s
Insertion loss: 1.5  ~ 2.5 DB
Extinction ratio: DB
Echo Loss: DB
Rise along time: NS
Frequency Shift: 10-20 MHz
RF Power: 2.5W
Voltage standing wave ratio: 1.2:1
Input impedance: 50ω
Device Interface: SMA
Fiber Type: PM/SM
Fiber Length: 1.5 m
Fiber Optic Interface: FC/PC/APC
Operating Temperature: -20~+60℃
Storage Temperature: -30~+70℃

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