70W AO-Q-Switched Fiber Laser 1064nm
70W AO-Q-Switched Fiber Laser 1064nm

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70W pulsed fiber laser, are widely used in industrial applications, such as Marking, Micromachining, Sculpture, Cutting, Welding and so on.The lasers are specially designed to prevent the power leakage when the status lasers need to be switched. Because of the special design, dark shadow can be overcome when deal with unusual materials.

With highly reliable design, all these pulsed fiber lasers can be used in dealing with highly reflective materials, such as aluminum, cuprum, gold, silver and so on.

Our fiber lasers are manufactured with highly integrated design (the control module are integrated inside, no external control is needed), compact size, which will help you save much room.


Central wavelength:1064±4nm
Polarization Random
Average output power: 69-71W
Energy per pulse:0.8-1.0 mJ
Beam quality:<2.0 M
Beam diameter: 6--9 mm
Power stability(t>5h): <5 %
Frenquency tunable range:70--100KHz
Pulse width@20KHz:100-160 ns
Power tunable range:5-100 %
Operation voltage:24VDC
Power consumption:250W
Guid light from laser head:0.5-1.0mW at 660+/-10nm
Head:size&weight :W46*H46*L260mm&1.05kg
Laser: size&weight:W285*H120*L347mm&10kg
Cable length:190+/-10cm
Cooling:Forced air
Operating temperture:15-35℃
Environmental for stock:-10~60℃
Warm up time
Main applications:Marking,welding,Close trimming,Cutting,Micro

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