660nm Laser Module Crosshair with Bracket
660nm Laser Module Crosshair with Bracket

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Details: 660nm Laser Module Crosshair with Bracket

Adjust the design of the knob to facilitate the adjustment of the focal length of the customer at different distances;
◆ Use 10° high-quality glass lenses to make the lines clear and slim;
◆ Drive circuit uses intelligent IC program control, better stability;
◆ Black oxide shell, life-long anti-static;
The temperature that the laser diode can withstand is raised to 50 °C;
◆ laser head and tail point AB glue, shock and drop resistance;
◆ The tail power cord adopts high temperature wire, good toughness and high temperature resistance

Power: 5mw
Operating voltage: DC2.8-5V
Operating current: ≤40mA
Size: ¢12*36mm
Spot Mode: Crosshairs  ( a crosshair that is about 3cm in size from 20 inches away )
Optical Lenses: Optical Glass Lenses
Output band: red laser
Operation mode: continuous laser
Incentive method: electric excitation laser
Working medium: semiconductor laser
Drive Original: APC Circuit
Product use: industrial positioning

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