637nm Single Mode Laser Diode
637nm Single Mode Laser Diode

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Laser diode at 637 nm in TO 18 package provide state-of-the-art power and brightness. The single mode, narrow line width, small emitting aperture, combined with low beam divergence, highest brightness CW diode lasers in the industry.

637nm Single Mode Laser Diode

Output Power:170mW
Peak Wavelength:637nm
Threshold Current:≤0.06A
Operating Current: ≤0.25A
Slope Efficiency: ≥0.89W/A
Operating Voltage: ≤2.8V
Horizontal Beam Divergence: ≤9deg
Vertical Beam Divergence: ≤17deg
Wavelength Temperature Coefficient: 0.2nm/℃
Polarization: TE
Storage Temperature: -40~85℃
Operating Temperature: -10~40℃

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