5MW Red Handheld Lasers
5MW Red Handheld Lasers

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Details: 5MW Red  Handheld Lasers

Product Specification: φ14x155mm
Product material: Copper + Aluminum
Use Battery: 2*aaa7 battery
Product appearance: Pen shape
Appearance color: Black
Laser type: Visible laser Diode
Specification parameters: fixed focal, spot spot, continuous output, continuous service life > 5,000 hours
Output wavelength: red 650nm
Output power: 5MW
Range: 500 m
Spot diameter: The minimum spot diameter ≤φ1.0mm;15m place Light point <φ18mm
Circuit control: APC Line
Working voltage: dc=3.0v
Starting voltage: dc=2.3v
Working current: i<350ma
Working temperature: +20℃~+30℃
Storage Temperature: +10℃~+40℃
Net Weight: 20g/pcs

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