561nm Laser DPSS

Here is about the 561nm DPSS laser, 561nm single frequency lasers . The 561nm single frequency DPSS lasers can be used for 3D-SPDM superresolution fluorescence microscope.

There are two series BeamQ 561nm laser: 561 Single Frequency Single Longitudinal Mode and Yellow Green Solid State .

Companies about 561nm laser: 

Up to 200 mW at 561 nm at Coherent inc.
Cobolt Jive 561 nm is a continuous wave (CW) diode-pumped solid-state laser. It is a single-longitudinal-mode laser with high level of stability, low noise, very narrow spectral bandwidth and a perfect quality beam over a wide range of operation temperatures.
Yellow DPSS Laser produces 25 mW at 561 nm from Melles Griot Laser Group since 2006,
561 nm, up to 500mW Single Longitudinal Mode DPSS lasers from Oxxius SA

More about 561nm laser:

Advantages of the 561nm (Yellow-Green) Laser on the BD FACSAria II