532nm Fiber Coupled Laser Green Laser Radiant Multi Mode FC Green Dot

532nm 30mw Fiber Coupled Laser Green Laser Radiant Multi Mode FC Interface Green Dot Laser Module

Wavelength: 532nm
Output Power:about 30mW
Working current: 500mA
Supply voltage: DC4.8-5.2V
Dimensions: Φ22*90mm or Φ26*100mm (can be customized)
Spot mode: dot
Lens: imported optical coated glass lens
Fiber optic interface: Product light exitMultimode FC interface for 2.5mm,The other end can be connected to FC/SC / ST. giveaway Both ends of the 1 meter jumper are FC interfaces.Interfaces requiring additional specifications are sold separately.
Fiber length: 1 meter
Core diameter: 100um
output waveband : visible laser
Fiber Type: Multimode Fiber
Product features: Because of its flexible characteristics, the fiber can make the laser light-emitting end move flexibly and freely, making the use of the laser more convenient;
Laser beam shaping can be done.Making the beam mode better ,and displaying a Gaussian distribution;It is also possible to integrate multiple laser beams. Increase the laser power.
Our lasers are made of high quality imported laser diodes, high performance APC, ACC drive circuits and optical coatings.
The glass lens group or the high-quality plastic lens glue has the characteristics of high reliability, high stability, strong anti-interference, good consistency and long service life.



Fluorescence measurement in research:

Fluorescence is used mainly for measuring compounds in solution. In fluorescence spectroscopy, a beam with a wavelength varying between 180 and ∼800 nm passes through a solution in a cuvette. We then measure – from an angle - the light that is emitted by the sample.



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