532nm Diode End-pumped Nd:YVO4 CW Q-Switched
532nm Diode End-pumped Nd:YVO4 CW Q-Switched

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CW-pumped Nd:YVO4 lasers passively Q-switched with View the MathML source and YAG:Cr4+ saturable absorbers are modeled and comparatively analyzed. The model takes into account the geometric factor representing the distributions of the orientations of View the MathML source color centers and Cr4+ ions relatively to the corresponding crystalline hosts on the output parameters of the lasers. It is shown that the View the MathML source Q-switch has evident advantages over the YAG:Cr4+ one in the senses of a much more expanded range of pump powers where the giant-pulse regime is supported in the laser and, as a consequence, potentially higher average output and peak pulse powers accessible.

Output power(W): 1  5  8  10  15
Transverse Mode: NEAR TEM00
Beam diameter: 2mm
Divergence (mrad): 1.5mrad
Beam Roundness: >90%
M2: 1.2
Power stability(8h): 1%
Pointing stability: <30μrad
Polarization ratio: >100:1
Operating temp( ℃): 10~35
Expected life time: 20000h

Wavelength: 532 nm
Low cost & high reliability
Diode end-pumped & Air cooling
Good beam quality
High power stability:±1% (8h)
CW output

Measurement and interference
DNA sequencing
Velocity measurement
Research and teaching
Excitation light source
Laser show

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