520nm Grass Green Stainless Steel Laser Pointer

This laser pointer is not common in the market because of the wavelength of 520nm. The beam is grass green, which is more special than the traditional ones. In addition, this new style is the waterproof one with the stainless steel cover. More beautiful, smaller, easier to carry. This is the most powerful green Laser pointer.


Wavelength: 520nm
Output power: 50mW and 150mW optional
Dimensions: 24 * 24 square, length 107mm
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Safety class: Class IIIb
Circuit control: 5V boost with reverse polarity protection
Circuit efficiency: over 85% efficiency boost converter
Spot forms: punctate
Beam style: continuous line
Spot size: 10M place <φ13mm
Focus: focusable
Operating current: 3.7V @ 800mA
Operating Voltage: DC = 3.7V
Start Voltage: DC = 2.5V
Warm-up time: None
Working temperature: -10~ +60
Storage temperature: -10 ~ +40
Weight: 306g
Power supply: a ICR18350 rechargeable lithium battery with charger

The laser from a 532nm green laser pointer is produced by the frequency doubling of the laser crystal. While the laser from a 520nm light green laser pointer is generated by a semiconductor laser diode (with the wavelength of 520nm). The two laser pointers have different spot modes, and different laser dot target. The 532nm laser is a TEM00 laser, and the beam quality is better.


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