520nm 50mW Green Semiconductor Diode Laser
520nm 50mW Green Semiconductor Diode Laser

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Details: 520nm Green Semiconductor Diode Laser

Product features:
High power stability 0~Max continuously adjustable,
Linearly polarized
Near TEM00 module;

Adopt original imported laser diode (LD), reliable performance,Long life, can work continuously for a long time, the power comes with overheating, current limiting protection circuit (with insurance Wire), TEC and laser head fan cooling, external signal generator for high-speed modulation (TTL modulation and analog modulation);


Fluorescence excitation,
Spectral analysis,
Cell tumor irradiation,
Medical analysis,
Photoelectric detection and other experimental needs

Wavelength (nm): 5205
Spectral Line width (nm): <3
Output Power (mW): ≥50(0~Max adjustable)
Operating Mode: CW
Transverse Mode: Near TEM00
Polarization: Line polarization
Polarization Ratio: >50:1
Beam Diameter at Aperture (mm): ~1.0 x 2.5
Beam Divergence (full angle, mrad): <1
Beam pointing stability(mrad):<0.05
Power Stability (RMS, over 4 hours): <3%
Cooling System: TEC
Power Supply: 90~240VAC@50Hz
Modulating Repetition: 100KHz TTL
Warm-up Time (minutes): <5
Operation Temperature (℃): 0~40
Expected Lifetime (hours): >10000
Warranty Time: One year

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