50mw Laser Pointer

The 50mw laser pointer is an average powered green laser ranging from 1mw to over 200mw.It can focus up to 2000 meters,therefore ideal for most functions of a pointer. 50mW green pointer has been in the market since about 2001. We have collected some of the positive and negative views provides by those who buy green laser.

Unique Color Pointer:

Many people feel that the green color pointer is unique, because lots of laser pointers are red. It helps to have their presentation stand out especially when in a competitive position. Some of these small impressive things can swing your way a sales closure or investment decision.

Night Beam

One of the unique things about green light is in its night vision. The green light property of the <strong>50mw green laser pointer</strong> enables night vision binocular and cameras capture things in very low lighting. Many clients have appreciated this night vision ability and the green light is therefore able to illuminate with clarity things in the night.

Star Gazing

Because of this night vision quality, there are many client using the green laser pointer pen to pint onto stars as they view stars for fun. On a more formal note, astronauts actually use the green laser  pen in their stars presentations because of the same qualities. Therefore, your can buy 50mW green pointer if you love to view stars from the balcony or backyard.

Heating Effect

There have been some critics and some clients who have found some issues with the green laser pointer pen. A case in point is a client who says that their pen heated up significantly on switching on the pen. Experts say that such heating is most likely a short circuit effect on the laser pointer, which can be a manufacturing defect available with any electronic gadget. There have also been criticism and doctors comments on the safety of the 50mw green laser pointer on the human eye. It needs to be noted that some pointers are manufactured without a laser screening mechanism to keep away the dangerous laser effect from the pointer. However, most authentic manufacturers should have the laser protection mechanism added onto the pointer for eye safety.

This client comments are intended at helping you make a more informed decision to buy green laser pointer. Kindly help improve the customer experience by posting your personal review in any of the products websites and this will definitely help the next buyer.