500MW-1000MW Blue Laser DPSS 445nm
500MW-1000MW Blue Laser DPSS 445nm

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Details: 500MW-1000MW Blue Laser DPSS 445nm

Wavelength (nm): 445nm 5nm;
Export Power (MW): 500mw, 1000MW-selectable
Power Stability:: 5%
Operating system CW
Beam diameter (mm): 2x4
Divergence Angle (mrad): +
Lateral mode: TEM00
Operating temperature (c) 10 c ~ 35 c
Storage temperature (c) 0 c to 50 c
Input voltage (VAC) 265v
Adjustment TTL level 0-30k
Laser: 100 (L) x40 (W) x50 (H) mm
Power: 100 (L) x58 (W) x32 (H) mm
Power Model: OEM
Cooling type: TEC
Warranty period (year): 1 year
Application: Fluorescence analysis, laser microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, interference measurement, hologram, flow cytometry, DNA sequencer is ideal for applications that require narrow line width.

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