50 mw laser Canada

50 mw laser Canada
Not like USA, 50mw laser is legal in Canada. If you ship a 50mw laser to USA, it may be blocked by the USA customs. However if itís in Canada, even the customs block the 50mw laser, they will release it soon. 50mw laser is not very popular in Canada now. The 50mw green laser gun sight is used for hunting. If youíre living Canada, and want to buy 50mw laser online, most of the online stores for 50mw laser are English, such as:†
http://www.beamq.com/50mw-532nm-green-laser-black-p-77.html . †
And others may be in French, like:†
Most of the 50mw laser sellers are not located at Canada, if you buy 50mw laser online, it may be sent to you over sea. But if you buy from pointeurlaser, they have an office at Canada. The only thing you must be remember is that, donít target a 50mw laser to helicopter or planes even youíre in Canada, as you may be get troubled.†