445nm Portable Blue Laser Pointers 800mW
445nm Portable Blue Laser Pointers 800mW

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With the recent release of 445nm blue laser diodes extracted from Casio’s XJ-A130/140 projectors into the broad market, Class 3b or even Class 4 445nm portable blue lasers with output powers of up to 1W have been build by a lot of laser professionals or manufacturers.

But it should be noted that the Class 4 portable 445nm lasers has a 445nm blue beam which is at the peak of the Blue Light Hazard region. The eye cannot handle excessive blue light and it chemically changes, which can lead to early macular degeneration and other conditions. The following explains why Class 4 lasers are so dangerous:

Main Features of PL-C 445NM Lasers
Robust T7075 Airplane-grade Aluminium Host and weatherproof design 
Focus adjustable beam divergence and adjustable beam diameter range 
Intuitive Design and Solid Build for Rugged Uses
Hand held or weapon mountable for versatile use.
High stability, adjustable focus.

Average Output Power:800mW 445NM Blue LASER - PL-C
Transverse Mode; Beam shape Near TEM00; Rounded
Beam Divergence, Full Angle (mrad) 1.5-3mrad
Beam Diameter @ Aperture ~ 1.5-3mm at the aperture
Switch Full FDA compliant features: key switch, remote connector key, On/Off Push Button.
Range in Darkness (m) up to 1km
Diode MTTF 8,000 hours
Dimensions 38mm x 220mm
Operating Temperature 15 - 35 C
Power Supply 1x18650 Li-Ion Battery
Warranty Period 12 Months

Why Class 4 lasers are so dangerous

Any visible-beam laser over 1/2 watt is in the most hazardous laser safety classification, Class 4, due to the following:

Direct and reflected eye hazard.At close range, the direct beam can “pop” an eye. Even a reflection off a shiny surface or off a window is enough to cause eye damage.
Skin burn hazard. The beam causes a painful burn that leaves a scar.
Materials burn hazard.Common materials can char, burn, or burst into flame.

Finally, the beam is a more worrisome visual hazard to aircraft due to its higher power. Already, there is an epidemic of pilots being hit by laser light during landing or takeoff. People have been jailed for aiming a 3 milliwatt (3/1000 watt) laser at aircraft. The Spyder III Pro Arctic is 33,000% more powerful.
It's not recommended that every people people buy any Class 4 laser, if someone must have one then they should choose a laser with FDA compliant safety features like those in PL-C lasers. These features include key switch, aperture stop, remote connector key, etc; the laser safety glasses of appropriate density are also necessary for every laser user.

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