445nm Blue Laser Pointer 2013
445nm Blue Laser Pointer 2013

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For indicating points at the meetings, lectures, ohp, slides, etc.
As a tool to explain commodities at a remote place.
For instructions and explanations of works at a construction work site.
For explanation of any untouchable dnagerous substance as the instructions rod in various events.

Shinny beam dots with adjustable beam profile
Continuous output/ twinkle output mode switchable
Safety lock built-in
Different Lenses (5 kinds in total) could be added

Wavelength (nm):445
Output Power (mW):700~1000
Dimension (mm):35.5X157.8
Working Distance(m):>1500
Warm-up Time (minutes):<1
Beam Divergence, Full angle (mrad):<2
Beam Diameter at the Aperture (mm):~2.0
Package Including:1 laser pen with safety key;1 pc rechargable battery;1 instruction
;5pcs gratings

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