445nm 473nm Blue Laser

The old blue laser has a wavelength of 473nm. Itís very expensive: 5mw 473nm blue laser costs hundreds of dollars and 1000mw (1W) 473nm blue laser costs thousands of dollars. Many enthusiasts love blue laser, but donít want to spend so much on it. Now there is a new technology for blue laser: 445nm blue laser. The 445nm laser has the color of blue, and very similar with the 473nm blue laser. The most importance is that 445nm blue laser is much cheaper. You can get a 1000mw 445nm blue laser (1W blue laser pointer) with just hundreds of dollars.

BeamQ 445nm blue laser:
Itís water-proof. You may notice that one of the product pictures was took in the water. The 1000mw 445nm blue laser has a adjustable focus. The wavelength is about 445nm-455nm. There are also other 445nm blue laser at :

The 445nm blue laser pointer made with 445n laser diode, which is made is Japan. It has a very good quality and long lifetime. The blue laser pointer can work for 2 hours continuously, it has the same ability with 1000mw green laser, or 1000mw violet laser. BeamQ laser will produce cheaper 445nm blue laser in the nearly future.

Here are the best high power blue laser ( 1W 445nm blue laser ) .†