405nm Single Mode Solid State Diode Laser 100mW-2400mW
405nm Single Mode Solid State Diode Laser 100mW-2400mW

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The 405nm laser modules are hermetically sealed and TEC cooled. They come with a respective driver and a flat ribbon cable for easy wiring.
It features analog modulation at >100kHz and TTL at >250kHz. The price is for 100mW-1200mW.

Wavelength: 405nm
Precision: +/-5nm
Performance stability: <=2%/24h
Mode: Singlemode
Output Power: 100mW-1200mW (1800mW-2400mW)
Polarized: 50/50
Beam (1/e²):<1.3x2.5mm
Divergence: <0.9/0.5mrad

Upon request, there are the following upgrades possible:

- fiber coupling
- cooling unit (for direct mounting capability on breadboard/laboratory bench)
- advance power supply (power setting , incl. PSU in housing)

The output power is tunable.  The wavelength is not tunable. If you are looking for wavelength tunable lasers, there is just the OPO technology or maybe special DPSS lasers. We can offer you these upon request (but only if you can state us more detailed requirements). The advantage is a higher m2 factor (<1.5) and better wavelength stability (up to <0.1mm).

Our diode module has a 2.2mm x 1.2mm beam (1/e²) and 0.4mrad x 0.06mrad. A better divergence is possible with a higher beam diameter.
If the beam profile needs needs to meet TEM00, there is the option of fiber coupling. This would still be more affordable than a DPSS. Wavelength stability is approx. +/- 1nm. 405nm offers either 300mW or 600mW output power (depends also on optional fiber coupling and requested beam characteristics).

Diode modules are between $1,800 - $7,000 (with our without fiber coupling), DPSS/OPO lasers are $9,000-$60,000 depending on what you need.I can make you an offer if you state me more detailed information on what exactly you need (output power, beam characteristics, diode module or the above mentioned wavelength tunable laser)

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