405nm 200mW desktop power adjustable blue violet light module
405nm 200mW desktop power adjustable blue violet light module

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405nm 200mW desktop power adjustable blue violet light module / multimode fiber coupling lasers

Because of its flexible characteristics, the fiber can make the laser light-emitting side flexible and free to move, so that the use of the laser is more convenient; can laser beam shaping, making the beam mode better; can also be a number of laser beam integration, improve the power of the laser.
Selection of high-quality imported red laser diode and collimator lens group, coupled with high-performance temperature control drive power, the use of active temperature control, with high efficiency, good stability, good beam quality, low noise, strong anti-interference , Good consistency, compact structure, miniaturization, long life and so on.
Fiber selection for 405nm special fiber, low loss, good mode.
Products are widely used in medicine, laser demonstration, isotope separation, ultra-high density optical storage, precision material processing, lithography, spectral analysis and other fields. At the same time can be applied to a variety of industrial identification devices, equipment and equipment, laser medical equipment , Laser lighting, stage lighting.

Operating mode:CW
Output power:0-200mW
Spectral linewidth:0.3nm
Power stability:5% over 8 hrs rms
Size of laser head:LWH=1004050mm
Size of power supply:LWH=15018065mm
Cabel-laser head:0.5m
Weight of laser head:0.6kg
Weight of power supply:1.0kg
TTL modulation:0V-no lasing, 5V-lasing
Frequency of TTL:0kHz-2kHz
Efficiency of TTL:40%-60%
Cooling mode:TEC
Operating votage:90-260VACTEC
Maximum power consumption:8W
Warm-up time:15 mintues
Operating temperature:10-35℃
Storage temperature:-20-60℃(<90% relative humidity, non-condensing)
Expected life time:10,000 hours
Warranty time:1 year

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