375nm Powerful 10W Fiber Coupling UV Laser Module
375nm Powerful 10W Fiber Coupling UV Laser Module

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375nm Powerful 10W Fiber Coupling UV Laser Module for PCB Plate Making LDI Exposure

1 High output power: The 375nm fiber laser module provides 10W laser power through 105um bundled fiber.
2. High reliability: Small size and easy-to-use thermal management enable predictable high reliability of the water-cooled architecture.
3. Modular: Fiber-coupled lasers are modular and provide high brightness through distributed laser diodes.
4. Fiber core: Fiber length 3M, fiber interface SMA, fiber core diameter 105um.

Product Name:375nm Fiber Coupled Lasers
Laser Wavelength 375nm
Laser Power 10w
Working Current 3.5A
Operating Voltage 24~26V
Storage Temperature 18~22℃
Fiber Core Diameter 105um
Coupled Efficiency ≥90%
Fiber Interface FC/SMA905
Type Laser
Band Range Near Uv
Way Of Operation Continuous Type
Incentive Electrically Excited Working Substance
Light Path Transmissive External Light Path
Output Form Power Type
Transmission Signal Single Power Supply Type
Speed High-Speed
Aisle Single Channel
Line Width 0 (mm)

Fiber-coupled lasers are used in PCB plate making, LDI exposure, CTP plate making, fluorescence excitation, material processing, biochemical research, etc.

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