3500mW Nichia Laser Diode NDB7A75
3500mW Nichia Laser Diode NDB7A75

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445nm (448nm, 450nm) Nichia 3.5W blue laser diode , TO-5 9mm package high power LD NDB7A75.

Blue laser module made with 3500mW Nichia Laser Diode NDB7A75

Absolute Maximum Rating:
Forward Current (Tc=25℃)  3.0 A
Allowable Reverse Current (Tc=25℃) 85mA
Storage Temperature     -40~85℃
Operating Case Temperature  0~60℃

Initial Electrical/ Optical Characteristics(Tc=25℃):
Optical Output Power   3.0w--
Dominant Wavelength   440nm --455nm
Threshold Current       150mA--350mA
Slope Efficiency         1.0W/A~2.2 W/A
Operating Voltage        3.7V~5.2V
Beam Divergence  Parallel 5º~25º
Beam Divergence  Perpendicular 35º~50º
Beam Pointing Accuracy  Perpendicular -5.0º~5.0º

9mm 3.5W NDB7A75 445nm laser diode. This diode is capable of over 5W output.

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