300mw 532nm Green Laser Pistol type Dazzlers, ABS housing
300mw 532nm Green Laser Pistol type Dazzlers, ABS housing

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Pistol laser dazzlers in ABS housing is a low-cost laser dazzler solution and are made for Securiy, police, military and others law enforcement uses only.
1. Electronically Focus adjustable
2. Longer Duty Cycle than 99% portable dazers
3. Both AC and DC Powered, Lithium batteries rechargeable
4. Dismountable -consisted of  three parts that are easy to assemble - shipping friendly

Maritime Port Security
Exclusion zone enforcement
Nuclear plant perimeter security
Aviation Airport perimeter security
Oil and Gas Critical infrastructure protection
Anywhere nonlethal deterence is desirable!
Industrial Petrochemical plant perimeter security

Dimensions: 208*146*38

Net Weight:  375g Without Batts

Power Supply:2 x 18650 Lithium Batteries

Working Voltage:8V DC

Warm-up Time:< 30s

Diode Life Time: 6000 Hours

Beam Divergence:2~10mrad

Beam Diameter At aperture:2.5mm at aperture; adjustable

Transverse Mode:CW;Pulse(8HZ)

Cooling Method:Natural Air Cooling;

Working Temperature:15~35 Degree C

Storage Temperature:-10-20℃

Working Humidity Range:40% - 90%

Battery life:30mins continuously

Warranty:One year

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