200mw green vs red

Many people want to know the differences between 200mW green and Red, here are some issues you need to know about 200mW green vs red. Since 200mW green vs red have the same power but different colors of laser, if you measure them with a laser power meter, they’re both about 200mW. 200mW green is much more noticeable, since the green laser is brighter than red laser. The 200mW green can be used as skypointer. And most laser enthusiasts like 200mW green more than 200mW red. 200mW green has more heat than 200mW red, therefore 200mW green is better for lighting matches or burn paper or plastics.

Some of the 200mW red lasres are focus-adjustable. If they’re well focus, the 200mw red is easier for light matches. If you watch 200mW green vs red carefully, you may find that the 200mW green has warm color , while 200mW red has cold color, the 200mW red laser is not bright red, it’s dark red. You can choose 200mW green here at BeamQ:


And the 200mW red here :


Some of the 200mW red laser pointer can be water-proof. They’re well designed and can be put under the water level.