200mw green laser

What can a “200mw green laser pointer” do ?  The “200mw green laser” is a laser pointer labeled with “<200mW green laser pointer”, the real output is 180mw-210mw. The “200mw green laser” is CLASS IIIB laser pointer, the power is so high that it’s dangerous to human eyes and planes. The “200mw green laser” is very bright, you can even see the 200mw laser beam in daytime. It can light a match, burn black plastics and even pop balloons. Usually  the  “200mw green laser” is used in labs, schools and army. If you just use it as skypointer or starpointer, it’s too powerful. In the year of 2009, The “200mw green laser” is almost the most powerful pen-sized laser pointer . However we can make much more powerful green laser pointers , with flashlight type. 

The “200mw green laser” is much brighter than 100mw green laser pointer, but compared to 150mw green laser, you can’t tell the differences between them, 150mw green laser is also bright and powerful.  The 150mw green laser is labeled < 150mw, and has a power range from 130mw – 160mw. The BeamQ 200mw green laser pointers are pen-sized, black or pearl, use 2 X AAA batteries, high quality and long time guarantee.

Do you want a 200mW green laser? Yes, it’s very easy to buy a laser pointer at laser stores or online stores. But the price may be very high, as 200mW green laser is high technology equipment. So you may want 200mW green laser cheap, even 200mW green laser cheapest. The 200mW green laser cheap costs no more than 200$.  BeamQ lasers sells cheap red laser pointers, cheap green laser pointers. Now BeamQ has two types of 200mW green laser cheap. The first is 200mw Green Laser Light Match:


Since 200mW Green laser light match costs 148$ and 50mW-250mW adjustable flashlight laser indicator costs 176$, we can say that 200mW green laser cheapest is BeamQ 200mw Green Laser Light Match. BeamQ 200mW green laser cheapest not only has the world cheapest price, but also have good quality. The quality is as important as price for 200mW green laser, because the 200mW green laser can be damaged easily if you don’t use them properly. The 200mW green laser module is made of high tech , so you will get long-term guarantee at BeamQ online stores.

Some laser enthusiast asked us what 200mW green laser can do. Well 200mW green laser is powerful and it can light match, burn plastics, burn skin(no one will use 200mW green to burn skins), pop balloons, light cigar, astronomy, and so on. 200mW green laser can light a match, because the laser is so powerful that it comes with a lot of heat, and the match is easy to burn. Therefore if we point the 200mW green laser to a match for seconds, it will light the match. Some other laser pointers can also light match, such as BeamQ 100mw Burning Green Laser Pointer 2009:


The 100mW green laser is also powerful enough for lighting match. 

200mW green laser light match, but it doesn’t mean that only 200mW green laser has the ability to light match, 100mW and 80mW can also do that. You can see 200mW green laser light match at BeamQ videos:

To light match faster, you need to hold the 200mW green laser stably and don’t let it move, make sure the laser dot is on the same spot.

BeamQ lasers sells 200mW green laser with a very low price, and it also help the customers of 200mW green laser wholesale. The 200mW green laser wholesale is much different with 200mW green laser retail. 200mW green laser wholesale has a lower price, and better customer service, because every wholesale customer is a BIG customer. Usually if a merchant do business on 200mW green laser wholesale, that means he is a manufacturer and has the ability for OEM orders. The laser pointer resellers or agents can’t do 200mW green laser wholesale. They don’t have so many stocks and they can’t design the 200mW green laser for customers. BeamQ laser is doing 200mW green laser wholesale for years. We always deliver best 200mW green laser and good wholesale service and short delivery time.

You can also buy 200mW green laser wholesale in China. However it’s hard to find a real manufacturer for green laser wholesale. And some manufacturers don’t focus on 200mW green laser wholesale. If you want to buy wholesale 200mW green laser from www.beamq.com , you can first place a trial order form : http://www.beamq.com/200mw-green-laser-c-43.html  If you’re satisfied with the products and quality , you can continue to buy 200mW green laser wholesale from BeamQ lasers.