200mw burning green laser

200mw burning green laser is the laser pointers that have a power of 200mw , the color is green laser and it can light matches, burn paper and plastics. Therefore itís called 200mw burning green laser. High power green laser is dangerous, and 200mw burning green laser is even more dangerous. It can burn paper and of course it can blind human eyes. Itís better for you to use BeamQ† 532nm Green Laser Goggle Glass, while youíre using 200mw burning green laser. It can protect your eyes from the 200mw burning green laser. Even the 200mw burning green laser doesnít go your eyes directly , the reflected burning laser is also harmful.

BeamQ 200mw burning green laser have the following type of laser pointer:


Itís a 200mw burning green laser that has an adjustable focus and can burn paper and plastics.A black paper is easiest to burn because the black will keep most of the heat. The white paper will reflect most part of the laser so itís hardest to burn.†

The green burning laser is very bright, even the laser reflected is harmful. Most of the burning green laser have safety keys and covers. This is the most powerful 200mw burning green laser pointer.†