200 mw violet laser

200mw Violet Laser has 405nm wavelength, therefore the color of the laser beam is violet. If we make a video about 200mw violet laser, the laser beam is blue in the video. So people like to call a 200mw violet laser to 200mw blue violet laser. In fact, the 200mw violet laser is violet, not blue, and itís much cheaper than blue laser pointer. A low power violet laser doesnít have a visible laser beam even at darkness, but a 200mw violet laser is a high power laser pointer, it has visible violet laser beam at darkness. The 200mw violet laser is so power that it can light a match, pop balloons.†

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You will see the videos about 200mw violet laser, see the graphics about the 405nm wavelength. Even the 200mw violet laser can light a match as a 200mw green laser. But green ones is much brighter than 200 mw violet laser. Laser experts like to name the 200 mw violet laser to 200 mw 405nm laser. The violet laser is beautiful at night. It gives you the feelings about mystery, science and technology.