1W laser

1W laser are 1W blue laser, infrared laser, red laser and so on.

1W laser is the 1000mW laser. You can get 1W laser by:

1. Get 1W laser diode, then produce the 1W laser;
2. Get 1W laser modules, connect the 1W laser module to power supply;
3. Get a 1W laser pointer.  

The costs of 1W laser depends on how you get 1W laser, and the color (wavelength) of the 1W laser.

The cheapest way to get 1W laser is to build it by 1W laser diodes.  You can get 1W blue laser by 445nm 1W Blue Laser Diode, 1W infrared laser by 808nm 1W Laser Diode. To build 1W laser by laser diodes, you need to be very familiar with laser technology. It's not so easy. To get 1W laser more quickly, you can buy 1W laser modules.

The best and fastest way is to buy BeamQ 1w laser blue pointer.