1W laser ( 1Watt laser )

When we say 1w laser or 1watt laser, usually it's a 1000 mw laser pointer that emit laser 1w. 1w laser pointer (1000 watt laser pointer) may be 1watt laser green, 1watt laser blue (445nm blue) or 1watt laser infrared. Most of the laser 1w are used at labs and science. 1000 mw laser pointer can't be used as target or pointing purpose. 1watt laser (1000 watt laser) is extremely dangerous for human eyes or skins. 1 w laser will burn skins or blind people. 1 watt laser blue or 1 watt laser green will be blocked by the same 1 w laser goggles, as the 532nm and 445nm 1w laser wavelength are at the same section for the laser protection goggles. 

Here if we say 1w laser, it means 1w laser green, 1w laser blue or 1w laser infrared.
It's the same if we say:

1 watt laser ,
1000 mw laser pointer,
laser 1w, 
1 w laser,
1watt laser,
1000 watt laser