1W 520nm/525nm Green Laser Pointers
1W 520nm/525nm Green Laser Pointers

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Details: 1W 520nm/525nm Green Laser Pointers

Dimensions: 135.3*33mm front and back
Shell Material: Aviation Aluminum
Surface Treatment: Sand Matt Black/Silver Titanium/Army Green Oxidation
Output wavelength: 520nm/525nm
Gear settings: Two gears, constant light and glare
Switch mode: self-locking, close or touch shift
Average power: 1W
Safety Rating: Class IV
Circuit Control: 5V Boost with Reverse Protection
Circuit Efficiency: Over 93% boost conversion efficiency
Spot form: Spot
Beam style: continuous line
Spot Size: About 5M at <φ15-18mm
Focus method: Focusable
Focusing method: Rotate the front threaded front cover to achieve zoom
Diving level: 5 meters diving
Working current: 3.7V @4.9A
Battery Type: 18650 battery
Battery direction: positive direction to light, negative to tail switch
Operating voltage: DC=3.7V
Starting voltage: DC=2.5V
Warm-up time: no
Working temperature: -10C~+60C
Storage temperature: -10C~+40C
NW: 240g
GW: 285g

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