1.6-2W 445nm/450nm/447nm laser diode NDB7875-E 9mm

High quality blue laser LD, 1.6-2W 445nm/450nm/447nm laser diode NDB7875-E. The 2w blue laser diode is the core part for the most powerful blue laser pointer. The NDB7875-E laser diode can also be replaced by 1.4w-2w 445nm Nichia Laser Diode NDB 7775 because of the similar specifications.

Place of Origin:Taiwan
Brand: Nichia
Model Number:NDB7875-E
Type: Laser Diode
Package Type: Through Hole

1.6-2W 445nm/450nm/447nm
laser diode
NDB7875-E 9mm

The power supply voltage: 2.2 V DC
Working temperature:-15 ~ + 85 degrees
Laser diodes (LD) reverse voltage 2 V
Photoelectric diode (PD) reverse voltage 30 V
Main application:
Industrial purposes, can be used in laser measurement, the collimator light, laser quashed device, laser medicine, electric tools, equipment positioning, etc. Distribution: Japan
Output power: CW = 1.6-2.1 W
The pulse power: > 3.5 W
Typical wavelength: 445 nm
Working current: < 1.7 A
Working voltage: 3.7-5.5 V
Working temperature: 0 ~ + 50
Storage temperature: 85 ~ + 40
Encapsulation: T05 (9mm)
The working life: more than 10000 hours

We also have following Nichia laser diodes:

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405NM NUV207E 240MW
405NM NUV203E 420MW
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Violet NUV612T 405+-3nm
Violet NUV613T 415+-4nm
Violet NUV614T 418+-5nm
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Violet NDVA111T 400-410nm
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Violet NDVA316T 414-420nm
Blue NDBA116T 450-455nm

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488NM NDS1316 NDS4116 NDS4216
505NM NDE4116E
515NM NDG4216



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