1550nm Polarization Maintaining Pulsed Erbium Fiber Laser
1550nm Polarization Maintaining Pulsed Erbium Fiber Laser

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1550nm polarization maintaining pulsed Erbium fiber laser series are especially designed and developed for LIDAR and remote sensing applications. These lasers are "eye safe", and have broad range of pulse widths, repetition frequency, peak power and energy per pulse as well as linear or random operation options.

The polarization maintaining pulsed Erbium fiber laser is based on MOPA configuration (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) that uses laser pulse generation, triggering, gating and ASE suppression technology.  This configuration allows laser pulse characteristics to be easily controlled and adjusted for customized applications. This laser module features effective management interface for users to access, monitor and adjust key operating parameters. User-friendly RS-232 interface ensures reliable connectivity with customer's control system.

All single-mode fiber design
Adjustable pulse width range l0ns - 120ns
Signal/ASE suppression ratio >20 dB
Slow axis polarization
Highly reliable laser diode pumps
Maintenance free operation

Range finding
Remote sensing
Weather and pollutant
Seed source for high power amplifier

Optical characteristics:

Centeral Wavelength: Min 1548nm Typ 1550nm Max 1552nm
Centeral Wavelength stability: Typ 0.04nm Max 0.2nm
Pulse width(FWHM):Min 10ns  Max 120ns
Pulse repetition frequency: Min  10kHz Max 120kHz
Output average power: 3mW-20mW
Maximum pulse energy: Typ 30W
Control mode:ACC
Polarization Extinction Ratio: 17dB
Signal/ASE suppression ratio: Min 20  Typ 25 
Power stability: Typ 3.5% Max 5%
Output fiber type:SM15-PS-U25A
Output fiber length: 80cm

Mechanical & Environmental characteristics:

Dimensions(W*D*H): 150x125x30
Weight: 720g
Cooling: Conductive via bottom surface
Operating temperature range: 0 to 50°C
Storage temperature range: -10 to 60°C
Humidity:10 to 90%

Electrical characteristics:

Power supply: Min 4.3V Typ 5V Max 5.3V
Power consumption: Typ 5W Max 8.5W


In fiber laser, polarization-maintaining optical fiber (PMF or PM fiber) is a single-mode optical fiber in which linearly polarized light, if properly launched into the fiber, maintains a linear polarization during propagation, exiting the fiber in a specific linear polarization state; there is little or no cross-coupling of optical power between the two polarization modes. Such fiber is used in special applications where preserving polarization is essential.

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