1550nm Infrared DPSS Diode Laser 2W
1550nm Infrared DPSS Diode Laser 2W

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1550nm FIR infrared DPSS laser with output power from 500mW to 2000mW. The output power is customized, according to  your requirements.

Wavelength(nm): 1550±10 nm
Output power(mW): < 2W ( 500mW - 2000mW, the price is for 2000mW)
Transverse mode: Multimode
Operating mode: CW or Modulation
Power stability (over 4 hours):  <5% 
Warm-up time(minutes): <5
Cooling Method: TEC
M2 factor: <20
Beam divergence full angle(mrad): <2.0
Dimensions of beam at the aperture(mm): <6
Beam height from base plate(mm): 29
Polarizayion ration: >100:1
Pointing stability after warm-up(mrd): <0.05
Operating temperature(℃): 10~35
Modulation Method: TTL or Analog modulation (0~30KHz)
Expected lifetime(hours): 10000
Laser Head Size: 153 * 77 * 60 mm
Power Supply Size: 250 * 200 * 150 mm
Warranty: 1 year

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