1550nm Fiber Coupled Diode Laser CW 15W
1550nm Fiber Coupled Diode Laser CW 15W

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1550nm Diode Laser Fiber Coupled CW (continuous wave, constant wave ) 15W Benchtop Laser Light Source .

The 1550nm Diode Laser Fiber Coupled Benchtop laser has high-stability semiconductor laser chips, single-mode fiber output, unique designed drive and temperature control circuit to ensure the safe and stable operation of the laser.

DFB cavity IR laser
high stability output Power and spectral
Narrow spectral line width
Adjustable output power

Optical fiber sensing
Optical Fiber Communication
Optical experiment

A CW laser is a continuous wave (or constant wave) laser. This acronym is simply used in order to classify "CW" lasers separately from pulsed lasers. A pulsed laser has an output which is designed to turn on / off at a specific repetition rate. The acronym "CW" stands for "continuous wave".

Laser Wavelengths (nm)

1550 +- 20

Output Power (W)

15(0~P Max adjustable)

Working Mode


Power Stability (RMS, over 4 hours)


Red Pilot Light (P)

Available on request

Fiber Core Diameter (um)


Numerical aperture


Fiber Connector


Length of Fiber(m)


TTL/ Analog Modulation

Up to 30KHz

LED Display

Diode current

LD Temperature Control Range (℃)

15~30, adjustable by knob

Dimensions (L-W-H, mm)

406 (L)- 370 (W) -186 (H)

Weight (kg)


Expected Lifetime (hours)


Power Supply

90-240VAC,-50 /60 Hz

Operating Temperature(C)


Warm-up Time (minutes)


Cooling System


Warranty time

1 year

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