1550nm AOM
1550nm AOM

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Details: 1550nm Laser AOM is more expensive than 1064nm Fiber-Coupled AOM. The 1550nm AOM is used in 1550nm DPSS lasers. The knob is used to adjust the wave shapes.

1550nm Fiber-coupled Acousto-optical Modulators
Part Number:AOM-06-03-N-L-10

Center Wavelength:1550nm
Operating Wavelength Range:+/-5 nm
Max. Insertion Loss: 2.0 dB
Min. Return Loss: 50 dB 
Min. Isolation: 50 dB
Rise time: 50ns - 500ns
Fall time: 50ns - 450ns
Optical Power  (CW): >5 W
Peak Power :>5 kW 
Working Frequencycy:100 MHz, or 120 MHz
VSWR :<1.2:1@ 100MHz 
Fiber Type: 10/125
Max.Tensile Load:5N
Fiber Length:2m
Storage Temperature:-40~+85℃

Operation procedure
1. To connect the the 25 pin to the control box and the circuit board, the RF line connect to the driver and the head of Q head .
2.To connect the output of 24V DC voltage of the power supply to the input voltage of the AOM driver. (black for the GND, red for the 24V, do not reverse connection.)
3.To connect the TTL singal in the circuit board to the the signal input terminalof the AOM (black GND to connect the white cable of AOM and red TTL signal to the blue of AOM, do not reverse connection.)
4. Switch on the power supply then adjust the frequency by controlling the control box


Customers' Questions about 1550nm AOM:

We'd like to the AOM to be polarization insensitive and the pigtailed fibers (with FC/APC connectors) are SMF-28 or its equivalent. Can you help ? Yes, we have this AOM with 100MHz, but not for 12.5MHz or 25MHz.

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