1550nm 500W high peak power short pulse LIDAR laser
1550nm 500W high peak power short pulse LIDAR laser

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1550nm 500W high peak power short pulse LIDAR laser

1550nm LIDAR short-pulse laser light source is a laser light source with high peak power and high pulse energy output based on the safe wavelength of the human eye; it adopts the main oscillator and power amplifier (MOPA) structure design, and the optimized multi-stage optical amplification achieves the peak Value power, ns-level pulse width laser output, is an ideal light source for lidar, remote sensing survey, and laser ranging.

Our 1550nm LIDAR pulse fiber laser light source adopts modular packaging, compact structure and small size; 12V DC power supply, industry standard DB15 communication interface design, through the host computer software, users can easily operate. In addition, pulse output can also be realized by external TTL trigger signal, which is very suitable for system integration.

Eye safety output wavelength: 1550nm
High peak output power: 6 - 30kW,
Adjustable range of repetition frequency: 1kHz-1MHz
Pulse width: 1ns-50ns
Single pulse energy up to 30uJ
Near-diffraction-limited beam quality

Operating temperature range: -35--650C
Working wavelength: 1549.85nm
Pulse width range: 1~50ns
Typical (test) pulse width: 1ns/50ns
Re-frequency range: 1KHz~50kHz
Test repetition frequency: 1KHz/50KHz
Output isolation: >30dB
Storage temperature range: -450C ~ +750C
Output fiber type: SMF-28e
Output fiber length: 80cm


Laser Ranging
Remote sensing survey
3D scanning
Weather and pollution monitoring
Other scientific research

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