1536nm Fiber-coupled AOM
1536nm Fiber-coupled AOM

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Details: 1536nm AOM is used in 15xx nm DPSS lasers. The knob is used to adjust the wave shapes.

The Specification for 1536nm Fiber-coupled Acousto-optical Modulators:

Center Wavelength: 1536nm
Operating Wavelength Range:+/-5 nm
Max. Insertion Loss: 2.0 dB
Min. Return Loss: 50 dB 
Min. Isolation: 50 dB
Rise time: 50ns - 500ns
Fall time: 50ns - 450ns
Optical Power  (CW): >5 W
Peak Power :>5 kW 
Working Frequencycy:100 MHz, or 120 MHz
VSWR :<1.2:1@ 100MHz 
Fiber Type: 10/125
Max.Tensile Load:5N
Fiber Length:2m
Storage Temperature:-40~+85℃

Customers' Questions about 1550nm AOM:

We'd like to the AOM to be polarization insensitive and the pigtailed fibers (with FC/APC connectors) are SMF-28 or its equivalent. Can you help ? Yes, we have this AOM with 100MHz, but not for 12.5MHz or 25MHz.

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