1490nm DFB CWDM laser SMF coupled with FCAPC
1490nm DFB CWDM laser SMF coupled with FCAPC

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Details: The TO56 CWDM laser can is mounted inside coaxial package which is then pigtailed with a single mode fiber and terminated with a fiber connector.

Analog bandwidth higher than 1000MHz;
High-reliability CWDM laser chip working;
Built-in InGaAs monitor photodiode, and isolator (optional);
4-pin coaxial pigtailed package, single mode fiber with FC/APC or SC/APC connector(or other connector type);
Standard output power (1.5~2.0mW) or higher output power(4mW) are available.

Fiber optical repeater systems;
CATV transmission systems (return paths/links);
Other analog applications.

Electro-Optical Parameters

Parameters Symbol Test Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Peak Optical Output Power:PO If=Ith+20mA 1.8 2 - mW
Threshold Current:Ith TL=25℃ - 10 15 mA
Laser Forward Voltage:Vlf CW - 1.2 2.0 V
Monitor Current:Irmon CW, If=Ith+20mA, VRD=5V 100 - 800 μA
Monitor Dark Current:ID IF=0mA, VRMON=5V - 0.01 0.2 μA
Capacitance (PD):Ct Vrd=5V, f=1MHz - 5 15 pF
Center Wavelength:λC CW. If=Ith+20mA, **=n 1487 1490 1493 nm
Optical Isolation:- T=25℃ 30 - - dB
Tracking error:TE Im hold(@Pf=1mW(25℃)) -1 - 1 dB
Spectral Width(-20dB):△λ Po = 2mW, TC =0 to 70℃ - 0.1 1 nm

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