1.25G 230mm pigtailed type EPON ONU BOSA
1.25G 230mm pigtailed type EPON ONU BOSA

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Details: Single fiber bi-directional data links with 1310nm FP laser diode as 1.25Gb/s transmitter and InGaAs PIN plus TIA with AGC as 1.25Gb/s receiver.

Single mode fiber package with pigtail SC/UPC connector;
RoHS compliant.

Compliant to IEEE802.3ah;
Gigabit Ethernet.

Electro-Optical Parameters

Transmitter Symbol Test Condtion Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Optical Wavelength:λ CW, Iop=Ith+20mA 1290 1310 1330 nm
Optical Output Power:Pf CW, Iop=Ith+20mA 1.2 - 3.5 mW
Rise/Fall Time (20~80%):Tr/Tf CW, Ib=Ith,20%~80% - 100 240 nS
Spectrum Width:△λ CW, Iop=Ith+20mA - 2 3 nm
Tracking Error:TE CW, TC=-25℃~85℃ -1.5 - 1.5 dB
Operating Wavelength:λ CW, 1480 1490 1500 nm
TIA Power Supply:Vcc CW, 3 3.3 3.6 V
TIA Supply Current:Icc Vcc=3.3V 19 21 26 mA
Optical Cross Talk:Xopt λ= 1310nm internal - - -40 dB

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